fall fashion

dear marc jacobs,

as summer ends and we begin to enter autumn, you might be asking yourself, “what is matt going to wear during this awkward transition phase?” WELL GIVE ME A MINUTE AND I’LL TELL YOU. wanda sykes in pootie tang is really inspiring me right now:

and by that i mean i’ll be wearing a lot of reds, which is good, because that’s what you’re putting out (in my price range, anyway)…
give me duckie from pretty in pink and a splash of hobo and you KNOW i’m on board. and don’t you LOVE that this is ALMOST a literal translation of wanda’s outfit? YOU GOOD, MARC.

let’s remember

dear marc,

i know it’s been too long since we spoke, but i’ll change that, i swear. i felt i should write you today because i was looking for something to listen to while i drove around and smoked and low and behold i found jewel’s pieces of you in my lazy susan cd holder. let’s take a moment to realize that it has been FIFTEEN YEARS since this epic, whiny gem entered our lives. yes, my dear marc, fifteen years ago i was a chubby 8-year-old requesting the RADIO version (yes, the album version is completely different) of “who will save your soul” at the rollerskating rink with my kind-of-girlfriend, mallory, probably wearing something like this:
oh god. the JORTS! the CASUALLY-KNOTTED-ABOUT-THE-WAIST, OVER-SIZED SWEATSHIRT! the BLACK. HIGH TOPS! i was so now, so patriotic. marc, hire me and get me out of indiana simply because this photo says, “i’m here. i’m secretly gay. and yes, i saw michelle pfeiffer wear her sweaters like this in up close and personal and i KNEW it was right for me, too.”
take this day to reflect, marc. take this day to listen to “painters” or “adrian” and think about those we’ve lost.
i swear i’ll keep in touch.